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Property Details

Now for some information about your investment property!

What is the address of the property to be managed by propper? ?
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Secondary Property Manager

Agency Name and suburb/branch ?
Name of property manager (optional)
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Is the property currently rented out to tenants?
What's the current weekly rent?
What weekly rent should the property be advertised for? ?
Is a garage/car space included?
Is the property being leased furnished? ?
Can your property allow for a "For Lease" sign board to be erected? ?
Does the property meet the water efficiency measures in place? ?
Is your property's water usage metered separately? ?
Is your property separately metered for gas and electricity?
Is your property's utilities provided by an embedded network? ?
Does your property have an active phone/internet line to the property?
Which local Council is the property located in?
Is your property covered by a strata management scheme / body corporate?


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Just a few options for you to select.

What is the date you would like us to commence managing the property? ?
In the event your property requires any minor maintenance or repairs, you can pre-authorise propper to automatically act on these items where they are up to a particular value. We know the key to having happy, long term tenants who care for your property is to ensure that any issues identified with the property are resolved quickly. By providing propper with a pre-authorised spend for maintenance or repairs it enables us to act on any minor items quickly and means we don't need to interrupt your busy life. It's not compulsory - just an option. The options below are on a 'per issue' basis. $250 is the recommended standard minimum amount. ?
Would you like any property bills to be re-directed to propper's office and paid by us using your rental income? ?
Water Rates
Council Rates
Strata or Body Corporate Levies ?
Mandatory Compliance: It is a strict legal requirement to do a compliance check on smoke alarms annually, and additionally whenever a new tenant moves in. To satisfy this legal obligation, propper requires owners to subscribe to Smoke Alarms Australia for a small annual fee of $99 ($129 in Queensland). Please check Yes to agree. ?
By selecting No, you acknowledge and agree that you will be taking full responsibility for arranging installation and maintenance of smoke alarms at the property in accordance with all applicable laws, and release propper from any liability that may arise from the property’s smoke alarms not functioning in the event of a fire.
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Compliance & Other

Just a couple of important compliance questions.

Does your property have its own swimming pool? ?
Do you have a valid Swimming Pool Safety Compliance Certificate for your property's swimming pool? ?
Please upload a copy of your Compliance Certificate (if you don't have it at hand, we'll get it off you later) ?
Please upload a copy of a recent water bill (if you don't have it at hand, we'll get it off you later) ?
Do you have a valid electrical & gas safety compliance certificate for your property?
Please upload your compliance certificate (if you don’t have it at hand, we’ll get it off you later)
Would you like propper to organise future Electrical & Gas Safety Certificates on your behalf? This is a mandatory requirement in order to lease a property. Click here to view the service & price provided.
Do you have landlord insurance?
Which insurer is your policy with?
If you haven't reviewed your policy in the last 12 months, you may not be sufficiently covered or could be overpaying. Would you like to be contacted by CGU to receive information about their landlord insurance product?
Most owners take out landlord insurance and we recommend all owners consider landlord insurance for peace of mind. Would you like to be contacted by CGU to receive information about your options?
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How we pay you

Let us know where and when you’d like to receive your rental income.

Select your preferred frequency of rental income payment to you? We provide a number of options, but as a default we recommend owners select **monthly** payments to help us pay your property bills on time.
Name of Financial Institution
Account Name
BSB Number
Account Number
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Important Information about your Property

This is the last step!

Has a contract for sale been prepared for the property?
Is there any proposal to sell the property in the next 12 months? ?
Has a mortgagee commenced proceedings in a court to enforce a mortgage over the premises?
Have the premises been subject to any flooding or bush fire into the preceding 5 years?
Are the premises subject to any significant work, health or safety risks that are not apparent to a reasonable person on inspection of the premises?
Is the property listed on the Loose-Fill Asbestos Insulation Register?
Has the property been the scene of a serious violent crime in the past 5 years?
Will council waste services be provided to the tenant on a different basis than is generally applicable to properties within the council area?
Because of the zoning of the land, or other laws applying to the development on the land, will the tenant not be able to obtain a residential parking permit (in an area where only paid parking is provided)?
Is there a driveway or walkway on the property which other persons are legally entitled to share with the tenant?
Has the property been used to manufacture or grow a prohibited drug or prohibited plant in the last 2 years?
Is the property in a strata scheme where scheduled rectification work or major repairs will be done to the common property in the next year?
Is the property part of a building where a fire safety or building product rectification order (or notice of intention) has been issued for external combustible cladding?
Are there any risks to work, health or safety that would not be apparent to a reasonable person on inspection of the property?
Confirm that you accept propper’s terms and conditions and privacy policy.
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